Documentation: KTH Arkitekturskolan

This is a film we made for KTH Arkitekturskolan in Stockholm. The film is a documentation of the school building just before they moved to new premises.



Everything was shot at night in the end of May, a couple of weeks before the school moved to a new building and a few days before the examination week.The project was about documenting the building in that exact moment with all its mess, its noise and traces from the daily activity. It was an amazing feeling walking around the empty building at night, watching all creativity.
From the presentation:

The filmmakers of Studio Kupol was given around-the-clock access to the KTH School of Architecture building during the final semester that the school is in use. They have produced a film that diverges from the general public’s notion of the building as something that is seen and experienced from the street, to focus on its inner life.

The outsider’s perspective is intact, but is instead directed towards the everyday atsmosphere of constant change in an architectural school.

Documenting the school during nighttime, the film highlights the noises and sounds of the building, in combination with an intimate but unobtrusive observation of the school, as-found. As first-time guests in the building, they witness its details and fragments, arbitrary piles of furniture and works-in-progress, nooks and crannys, with equal levels of attention.